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Sew Local Stitch Lounge is a small business in Sudbury, Ontario, the joint creation of Marja and April. We are life-long makers, and partners in life as well as business. We are passionate about re-using, upcyling, feminism and slowing down and using our hands for creative expression. 


I'm a co-owner, sewist, designer and facilitator at Sew Local Stitch Lounge. I have always had a need to make things myself. I've been sewing for almost 30 years! Whenever I see something interesting I take it apart and put it back together in my head, and if I can't do that I feel like I don't really know what it is yet.

I often think of our work as craftivism; each thing we make has a meaning and message if you look for it. This is obvious in our Totes Opinionated and our awesome buttons and magnets. In other things it's less obvious but the message is there: re-using and repairing used clothing, the many genders and skin tones of our dolls, even our little hand-stitched wool babies send the message that slowing down to create something by hand is very special and worthwhile--it's not about speed and perfectly uniform stitches. It's also very important to us to make clothes in all sizes, which aligns with our belief that here is no wrong way to have a body. And yes we have a tote with that on it!

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I'm a co-owner, sewist, designer and facilitator at Sew Local Stitch Lounge.  I love working with unique fabrics and pairing things in interesting and unique ways. I grew up with the whole DIY punk ethic in the 90s and that really helped to shape me into the creative person I am now. I love design and being able to express myself creatively through sewing, needle work and making things and how it helps me to connect with others makers and lovers of hand made things. A really warm, whimsical, creative space means a lot to me; the right music, the right colours, the right feeling is so inspiring, which is why I'm so happy to be able to create and share Sew Local Stitch Lounge.