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1142 Lasalle Blvd, Sudbury, ON 



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Monday 2pm-8pm

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We Love to Make


We make adorable rag dolls, bags with unicorns, whimsical pennant banners, head wraps, beanies, pin cushions, cloth pads, and pencil cases that used to be vintage ties. We make gorgeous tote bags and hand towels, hand-stamped with awesome quotes about self love, inclusiveness, feminism, and other good stuff. We have comfort creatures that we make out of felted sweaters that are filled with rice ready to be warmed up and snuggled with. We make super-comfy skirts that are upcycled from sweaters, and messenger bags from vintage suit jackets. We try to repurpose fabric as much as possible; we use old tablecloths, leftover fabric scraps, and vintage or second hand clothes that are beyond repair. Besides our sewing based projects, we have hand painted cards and beautiful watercolour earrings. Our list of products is constantly growing and evolving as we follow our creativity and curiosity and are inspired by the materials that we find.